AkzoNobel announces sustainability approach as part of its new business strategy

Just a quick post today to highlight the new sustainability strategy from AkzoNobel, the performance coatings and chemicals company, launched last week.

I led the team in Forum that helped  develop the strategy last year, working for the in-house sustainability champions and working with sustainability communications agency Futerra.

You probably don’t know the company, but almost certainly you  looked at something today that used their paint, or something that worked better because of their coatings. They are one of those industrial B2B companies (in their case, mostly B2B) which is vital to a modern way of life without anyone quite realising.

This is why, as my colleague Anna Warrington points out in this Forum blog,  the most exciting part of the strategy is the commitment to make their customers – and so all of us – more sustainable through the products and services that AkzoNobel provide.

The other exciting part is that the sustainability announcement was part of the relatively new CEO’s statement of AkzoNobel’s strategic direction. In the media briefing, you can see the vision is to have:

Leading market positions delivering leading performance. To be a leader in:
•Operating efficiency and customer service

Now all AkzoNobel need to do, of course, is deliver.I have every confidence they will try their hardest and succeed.

Many of my other projects have rippled effects in companies and value chains without having something in the open I can point to and say “I was part of that”. Well, on AkzoNobel’s sustainability strategy, I was part of that and I’m really excited by what they will achieve.



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