About this blog

Welcome to my blog, which explores the emerging field of business and sustainability. It is aimed at anyone who is curious in questions like how can business succeed because they are more sustainable? How can we create a sustainable future through business action? What role should companies have in society? What is the business case for sustainability? What constitutes a ‘sustainable business model’?

A work-in-progress

I’ve called it a work-in-progress for two reasons. Business and sustainability is still a young field. There is much we don’t know, and the examples that currently exist are only the start. Any answers we have at the moment can only be temporary. I will try to help people understand what business and sustainability means by turning experiences and insights into useful knowledge.

The second reason is because I will be using writing the blog to make sense of my experiences for myself.  At Forum for the Future I am involved in ground-breaking work. I have the privilege of seeing today’s best practice through Forum’s partner companies. I read and hear about a great deal of stuff. But I have limited opportunities to make sense of it all. The discipline of writing a regular blog will (I hope!) move my own thinking forward. I hope the reader(s) will forgive me if that means some of the entries are not polished or have just one central message.

Some principles

It is worth spelling out some principles I have in writing this blog:

-all the opinions I express are my own. I am not writing on behalf of Forum for the Future or anyone else.

-I will never disclose confidential or privileged information without express permission. Sometimes I will use aliases for companies or people.

-I will declare any interest I or Forum have when writing about an organisation. For instance if I have worked with them in the past, or if they are a Forum partner.

-I have chosen the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, which basically means you can use anything I write (though not for commercial purposes) as long as you attribute this blog and share with others.


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